Three Important Tips for Preventing Damage When Using Patch Leads

Patch leads are effective for connecting different elements in computer networks. These fibre optic cables transmit consistent signals with minimal attenuation and interference. However, you should note that patch leads are vulnerable to damage. Poor handling can lead to unreliable performance after installation. Therefore, if you are planning on incorporating them into your system, you must take precautions to protect the cords from damage. Here are essential tips to keep in mind when handling, installing and using patch leads.

Plan Your Setup

You should determine the best design for placing patch cables in your space. Often, these cords sustain damage due to poor organisation in the commercial building. Good cable management will protect the patch leads from accidental damage because the leads will not be exposed to constant stress. Moreover, good organisation will allow for quick and effective repair and replacement in case of failure. When planning for your setup, take into account the length of your patch leads and consider using organisation aids for support.

Consider Bend Radius

Patch leads are vulnerable to damage if they are exposed to physical stress. These cords have fibre optic elements within an insulated casing to protect the internal strands. However, the level of protection offered is not absolute. The strands of fibres are made with glass because of the material's effectiveness in handling the light signals. Unfortunately, glass is also prone to deterioration when handled incorrectly. Therefore, you must avoid exposing the cables to stress. For instance, bending your patch leads could interfere with the reflection of light. Check the maximum bend radius indicated for your products. Additionally, do not stretch or pull the cords. Acquire the correct cable size for your needs to avoid these issues.

Limit Modification

When installing your patch leads, you should think about the need for modification. In general, it is not advisable to change these optical cables after purchase. These units are manufactured and tested for use in their condition. Therefore, any changes could cause a malfunction. If you would like to make changes by cutting or crimping, consult a qualified network expert for help. However, in most cases, purchasing new cables to match your needs is more practical and less labour-intensive. Also, avoid making changes to your patch lead assembly after the initial installation. Constant removal and reinsertion of the cords will cause the ends to become worn out. Finally, keep your patch leads in the best condition by monitoring their performance, cleaning the surfaces and using the correct tools for servicing and repair. 

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