Why Careful Installation Is Crucial When Planning Your IT Operations

If your new organisation will rely on sophisticated IT work and the latest, cutting-edge equipment, then you will need to focus on careful installation just as much as procurement. You need to ensure that all systems are configured in such a way that they will be not only efficient but safe, reliable and predictable. As you search for cases, racks and equipment to hold your crucial gear, what do you need to think of when it comes to installation?

Spaghetti Junction

If you have ever seen a poorly managed data centre that looks more like Spaghetti Junction than an efficient operation, you will be aware of the potential risk. Before you start, therefore, you need to create a detailed plan and work out exactly how you're going to route all those cables once all the equipment has been installed within the racks.

Careful Management

Remember, a jumble of cables could create not just confusion but danger, as well. They may cut off any airflow to crucial pieces of equipment which could overheat and burnout. You need to make sure that there is sufficient space in and around your server and communications rack when everything is installed.

You must also make sure that each cable can be easily identified or labelled, if not. This will help when it comes to troubleshooting should anything go wrong and will make it a lot easier to replace any faulty component as necessary.

Choosing the Equipment and Accessories

It's also important for you to choose the right size and specification of rack. Each server or communications rack can be customised to a degree, and you need to specify the overall depth and how many individual units you will require within. The bigger racks contain a large number of units so that you can accommodate any type of equipment. Some pieces of equipment can be hung from specially attached mounting points, while others may need to be installed on top of a separate shelf. Generally speaking, the heaviest equipment should go at the bottom, and all of the equipment needs to face forward.

When you install cabling, try to use horizontal and vertical cable managers. These make it a lot easier for you to route the cables correctly and end up with a neat and tidy operation.

Thinking Ahead

Make sure that you get the right specification of rack with all the attachments needed for your operation. Remember to take into account expansion so that you have plenty of room to move without creating chaos.

If you need any further assistance or want to buy additional accessories, talk with a supplier of communication racks for their help.

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