Four Essential Tips for Acquiring Commercial LED Linear Lighting

If you are planning on replacing the lighting in your commercial space, you should consider linear LED products. LED lighting is an ideal choice for offices and other similar spaces because of the prolonged lifespan. You will not need to think about constant replacements. Also, the aesthetic of these products is modern and sleek which complements most workspaces. In addition, the lights are relatively easy to set up and install. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind if you decide to opt for linear LED lighting.

Consider the Design

There are different forms of linear lighting products to consider for your commercial space. The best option will depend on the design of your space, preference and level of brightness needed. The most common option is the surface-mounted type. As implied, these are installed in direct contact with ceilings and walls. If you have high ceilings in your building, suspended lighting is a more suitable choice because hanging the lights will ensure optimal brightness. You might also want to consider recessed lights for a clean and subtle look.

Compare the Colours

LED lights are available in different intensities and temperature colours. It is important to evaluate and compare the options before purchase. Your choice will determine the performance and appearance of the light. Neutral white is the most popular choice for commercial space. The light is clear and bright, so it is perfect for general task lighting. If you are looking for lighting for areas intended for rest, you can opt for warmer colours. Warm white ensure that there is a comfortable ambience and create a relaxing environment

Check the Finishes

When installing your new lighting, you should ensure that the aesthetics are great. The lighting is not only important for comfortable vision. Where possible, use these elements to boost the appeal of your commercial space. The standard LED linear lights are usually designed with an anodised aluminium profile. This finish is simple but sleek. It has a classic appearance which will match contemporary spaces. If you are not interested in this simple appearance, look for powder-coated alternatives. You can opt for a profile which matches your unique colour scheme.

Plan the Configurations

Finally, you should plan for the best configuration for your linear LED lights. These products provide the best results in terms of placement because of their flexibility. Therefore, it is easy to create custom lighting shapes such as L-shapes, T-shapes, zigzags and other unique geometric shapes to match your preferences and the nature of the space.

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